Macmillan Business

  • Meet the Team

    • mike harpley.jpg

      Mike Harpley

      Publishing Director

      I lead our new Macmillan Business imprint and also publish broadly across Pan Non-fiction. 

      In Macmillan Business, I am seeking expert thinkers at the top of their field and trusted voices who command large audiences. The books can be narrative or more prescriptive, but what matters is that they are exciting, smart, important and genuinely useful. My authors on the list include Bent Flyvbjerg, world expert on project management; Melonie Parker, Chief Diversity Officer at Google; and Matt Abrahams, host of the hit global podcast Think Fast, Talk Smart.

      In the Pan non-fiction list, I am drawn to thought-leaders and engaging titles that present new ideas about the world around us, irrespective of subject matter. I am also a sucker for a good story, including by leading figures in sport. Some of my authors, past and present include: Jacinda Ardern, Angela Merkel, Robin Ince, Isabel Hardman, John Kampfner, Chris Kamara, Martin O’Neill, Nicola Sturgeon, Alice Loxton and Mensun Bound. 

      I love working closely with authors to develop their ideas into books and publishing bestsellers with both prominent names and debut authors who have something vital to say.

    • Ause Abdelhaq.jpg

      Ause Abdelhaq


      I joined Pan in April 2023, and work across both our new Macmillan Business imprint and the broader Pan Non-Fiction list.

      On the Business list, I specialise in publishing fresh under-represented voices, big-idea books with a twist and thrilling narrative exposés. I like to challenge the status quo of what a business book should be, prioritising those titles that force us to question the working world around us, the institutions that govern our lives and the characters at the forefront of enterprise. I have been lucky enough to work on multiple Sunday Times bestsellers, and with a wide range of stellar authors including Rob Copeland, Simon Sinek, Sophie Williams, John Doerr, Anne Boden and Duncan Mavin.

      On the Non-Fiction list, I like to work on books that align with my major interests: sports, psychology, sociology, food, personal development and philosophy. Regardless of the genre, I’m always looking for authors that can build a strong narrative around their chosen subject matter – for me, the best non-fiction reads as though it could be a storybook. Some of my authors include Katarina Johnson-Thompson, Steph Curry, Stefan Falk, Ben Ambridge, Donald Robertson and Wendy Wood.

      I especially love to commission books that force us to look at the world from a different angle, and that challenge or upend the traditional boundaries of their genres. I strongly believe that diversifying any industry leads to increased revenues and better work.

    • Ríbh Brownlee Headshot.jpeg

      Ríbh Brownlee

      Assistant Editor

      Since joining the Pan Macmillan team at the start of 2024, I’ve had the privilege of working alongside our Publishing Director Milke Harpley on the Non-fiction and Macmillan Business lists on books from prominent personalities like Angela Merkel, Kim Scott, Alice Loxton and David Epstein. 

      I’m drawn to books from experts in their respective fields, uncovering unique perspectives that challenge conventional wisdom. From political strategies to business models, historical accounts to radical ideas, I love books that broaden our horizons by asking–and answering–questions about our world.