Elizabeth Jane Howard is 90 years-old on 26 March 2013. She has recently completed the final volume of her series on the Cazalet family and Mantle is delighted to announce that the new novel, All Change, will be published on 7 November 2013.

BBC Radio 4 are currently dramatising all four volumes of The Cazalet Chronicles in their fifteen minute Woman’s Hour Drama slot, repeated at 7.15 p.m. The Light Years went out over two weeks in January, Marking Time in February and March; Casting Off will be transmitted in April and May and Confusion in August.

The new novel follows the family fortunes from the mid 1950s; Maria Rejt, Mantle publisher and Howard’s editor, says,

‘Not only does All Change bring to a triumphant close the story of the Cazalet family, it marks yet another high point in the career of one of our truly great writers. In this quintet of novels EJH evokes a time long gone but with a vividness and humanity that brings the past back to life with a thrilling immediacy and searing compassion. It is truly one of the great literary portraits of a bygone age.’

Recent praise for Elizabeth Jane Howard:

‘Elizabeth Jane Howard is definitely back . . . Now she has stepped out from behind the lights of male authors to encourage fresh readers to her own individual work’ – Independent, November 2010

‘It is her style that makes her such a special novelist. Her unique voice is direct, easy, at times apparently casual, yet within it lies a finely wrought intricacy . . . Howard writes the kind of novels that no longer really exist’ – Telegraph, January 2013