Pan is the paperback imprint for our commercial books. Our commitment to brilliant storytelling in a diverse range of genres can be seen in our fiction paperback list. We publish the very best popular fiction from compelling crime to women’s fiction, heartbreaking sagas, historical novels, pacy thrillers and speculative tales. What all our books have in common is the ability to tell captivating stories that resonate with readers – in short they are all thumping good reads!

Our non-fiction paperback list explores a broad spectrum of subjects. As well as the second formats for our Macmillan list, we also publish a number of straight to paperback titles. From social history to smart thinking, business to biography, our books offer new ways of looking at different times, places and people. 

Our Contacts

  • Jeremy Trevathan


  • Wayne Brookes

    Associate Publisher (Fiction)

  • Vicki Mellor

    Publishing Director (Fiction)

  • Robin Harvie

    Publisher (Non-Fiction)

  • Trisha Jackson

    Publishing Director (Fiction)

  • Caroline Hogg

    Editorial Director (Fiction)

  • Ingrid Connel

    Editorial Director (Non-Fiction)

  • Bella Pagan

    Editorial Director (Fiction)

  • Alex Saunders

    Editor (Fiction)

  • Matthew Cole

    Assistant Editor (Fiction and Non-Fiction)

  • Jayne Osborne

    Assistant Editor (Fiction)

  • Charlotte Wright

    Assistant Editor (Non-Fiction)

  • Georgia Summers

    Editorial Assistant (Fiction)

  • Alice Gray

    Editorial Assistant (Non-Fiction)

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