Macmillan is the leading hardback imprint for our commercial publishing. 


In fiction, we publish some of the world’s best-loved storytellers, who know how to thrill and captivate readers in equal measure. Danielle Steel, Peter James, Jeffrey Archer, Lucinda Riley, David Baldacci, Ann Cleeves and Ken Follett are just some of our bestselling authors. If you're looking for totally immersive and page-turning crime fiction, thrillers, love stories, fantasy, science fiction or historical novels this is the place to come to.
In non-fiction, we publish inspiring and extraordinary stories that seek to entertain and inform which we take to the widest possible readership. Our bestselling non-fiction authors include the Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda Owen, NASA commander Chris Hadfield, Kevin Keegan, former Director of the FBI James Comey and Linda Nolan. Our books are cracking commercial reads, from military history to true crime, celebrity and political autobiography, humour, sport, 'soft' business and the freshest new pop culture. 


What all our authors share is the ability to tell gripping and rewarding stories, which is why readers return to them time and again!   

Our Contacts

  • Jeremy Trevathan


    Jeremy Trevathan is publisher at Pan Macmillan and as such he is responsible for the shape and profitability of the Macmillan, Pan, Picador, Mantle, Bluebird, Tor UK and Macmillan Collector's Library imprints within the group. He himself and his teams publish such brand name authors as Ken Follett, Danielle Steel, Jeffrey Archer, Peter James and David Baldacci and have been responsible for the huge commercial success behind such titles as Alan Hollinghurst's The Sparsholt Affair, James Comey's A Higher Loyalty through to Adam Kay's This Is Going To Hurt and Joe Wick's Lean in 15. He has been described as 'Pan Macmillan’s secret weapon' in the battle between publishing houses and as one of the premier publishers working today.

  • Wayne Brookes

    Associate Publisher (Fiction)

    I deal with commercial fiction, and acquire across the genres, from crime to women’s fiction, thriller to horror. I leave science fiction and fantasy to my colleagues at Tor. When it comes to thrillers I, of course, look for that great hook, something that nobody else has done before, or where someone has put their own very clever spin on that hook. With women’s fiction I lean towards novels aimed at the older end of the market and I need drama and twists to keep me reading.

  • Robin Harvie

    Publisher (Non-Fiction)

    I joined Macmillan in 2014 and have worked with a smorgasbord of authors - mostly sports stars, including Johan Cruyff, Damon Hill, Mark Webber, Roberto Duran, Kevin Keegan and Eddie Jones as well as business leaders and commentators from John Kotter to Renee Mauborgne & W. Chan Kim, Carmine Gallo and Kim Scott. I've also been hugely fortunate to publish some of the stars of pop-science including Steve Brusatte (The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs), Lisa Feldman Barrett (How Emotions Are Made), David Epstein (Range) and Prof Wendy Wood (Good Habit/Bad Habit) as well as some American weather-makers like James Comey and Joe Biden.

  • Vicki Mellor

    Publishing Director (Fiction)

    I work on a variety of authors including Sunday Times bestsellers Jeffrey Archer, Ken Follett and Ann Cleeves. Primarily focusing on commercial crime and thrillers, I am looking for authors in all areas within this genre and love the excitement of bringing both established and new authors to the public’s attention. My interests in the genre range from gritty serial killer thrillers to rip-roaring archaeological adventures.

  • Trisha Jackson

    Publishing Director (Fiction)

    I love a story which grabs my attention right away. A vividly drawn, intriguing, often quirky, central character is everything for me. I enjoy a terrific sense of place and atmosphere particularly in the case of detective crime fiction, and I’m drawn to a story where a seemingly normal picture of family life is anything but. I’m always looking for a story with a hook and a talking point about easily relatable issues. And I’d also love to find a totally escapist internationally-set thriller which has the reader gasping for more.

  • Caroline Hogg

    Editorial Director (Fiction)

    I publish commercial women’s fiction exclusively; it’s my big passion. I love books that are moving, uplifting, warm, funny and transporting, but not so much dark or chilling (I don’t acquire psychological suspense). Our list of commercial women’s fiction at Pan has never been so long or successful, and as such I’m only looking to acquire a book big enough to hold its own on a very strong list. I look for books that would sit perfectly on supermarket shelves and have a big audience in ebook format also.

  • Bella Pagan

    Editorial Director (Fiction)

    I love speculative fiction – it’s always been my very favourite area. I’m therefore delighted to publish a range of fabulous genre fiction authors on our Tor, Macmillan and Pan imprints. And I’m keen to acquire more mainstream commercial fiction with a speculative spin or a dash of the fantastical. I also thoroughly enjoy more traditional science fiction and fantasy. And I’m always open to wonderful adult/YA crossover fiction, where it can sit comfortably on an adult list. I love exciting, page-turning books with heart, where you become emotionally invested in fabulous characters.

  • Ingrid Connel

    Editorial Director (Non-Fiction)

    I publish memoirs in the areas of celebrity, military, music and pop culture, and inspirational life stories. I’m proud to have published national treasures like Alan Sugar, Brian Blessed and Tony Robinson, as well as remarkable women like Amanda Owen and Jayne Senior, who bravely stood up to the authorities to protect abused girls in Rotherham.

  • Alex Saunders

    Editor (Fiction)

    ’m looking for crime and thriller fiction in either contemporary or historical settings, and general historical fiction that keeps me turning the pages by having a sense of mystery and intrigue at its heart. Whether it be crime or historical fiction, a unique hook, evocative writing and a driving plot are essential!

  • Jayne Osborne

    Assistant Editor (Fiction)

  • Matthew Cole

    Assistant Editor (Fiction and Non-Fiction)

    Assistant Editor (Fiction and Non-Fiction)

  • Charlotte Wright

    Assistant Editor (Non-Fiction)

    Assistant Editor (Non-Fiction)

  • Alice Gray

    Editorial Assistant (Non-Fiction)

    Editorial Assistant (Non-Fiction)

  • Georgia Summers

    Editorial Assistant (Fiction)

    Editorial Assistant (Fiction)