One Boat

  • Meet the team

    • carole-tonkinson.jpg


      Carole Tonkinson

      I commission non-fiction books aiming to help the world become more compassionate, informed, tolerant and delicious. Authors on the list include Jack Monroe, Russell Brand, Joe Wicks, Shahroo Izadi, Laura Thomas and many more.

    • Mireille_Harper.jpg

      Editorial Director

      Mireille Harper

      I commission and edit books, as well as supporting and working closely with the team in the development and expansion of the list. I am keen to work on topical narrative non-fiction, books which drive conversations, inspire us to take action and make positive changes to our lives.

    • martha-burley.jpg

      Managing Editor

      Martha Burley

      I edit and project-manage a wide range of titles on the Bluebird list, primarily working closely with authors and managing the creative teams on our cookbooks. My specialist area is cookery but I also work across our diet, food and drink reference and international co-edition titles.

    • hockley-raven-spare.jpg

      Senior Commissioning Editor

      Hockley Raven Spare

      I edit and project manage books across our list from self-help and memoir, to health and spirituality. I work closely with authors, agents and our colleagues in house at every stage of a book’s life from initial proposal, through delivery, copy-editing and sending out finished copies

    • jodie-mullish.jpg

      Communications Director

      Jodie Mullish

      I oversee the imprint's marketing and publicity activity. I joined Pan Macmillan in 2012, and previously worked in the fiction marketing team before moving across to head up Bluebird's Communications team in 2016.

    • jessd.jpg

      Senior Publicity Manager

      Jess Duffy

      It is my job to make sure that Bluebird’s books are featured across print, broadcast and online platforms. I also bring our titles to life through bespoke events, festival appearances and influencer outreach campaigns.

    • Katy Denny.jpg

      Project Editor

      Katy Denny

    • Sian-headshot.png

      Marketing Manager

      Sian Gardiner

      As Bluebird's marketer, I plan and deliver creative campaigns for our titles with the aim of bringing them to the attention of as many readers as possible. These campaigns run across all media platforms, everywhere from social media to outdoor advertising. I also run Bluebird's social media channels, showcasing our books and building the Bluebird community.

    • zainab-dawood.jpg

      Assistant Editor

      Zainab Dawood

      I work closely with Bluebird’s Editors, providing editorial and administrative support across all titles and genres on our list, from self-help and spirituality to cookery. I often liaise with the Communications team and assist with the smooth-running of Bluebird’s publishing process.

    • Katie_Dent.jpg

      Editorial Assistant

      Katie Dent

      I provide support to the editorial team at Bluebird and One Boat, helping to manage editorial and administrative processes across the full range of our lists. I also cooperate closely with other departments to assist with the day-to-day management of all our titles. 

    • Narjas (2022).jpg

      Senior Publicity Executive

      Narjas Zatat

      I work with Bluebird authors to enhance their presence across the media landscape, including broadcast, print, and online. I also liaise with colleagues across the imprint to ensure our authors reach their readers through exciting events and key festival appearances.

    • Annie_Rose.jpg

      Annie Rose

      Marketing Executive

      I work closely with authors to plan and deliver creative marketing campaigns. I joined Pan Macmillan in 2022 with a background in digital marketing and a love of design. I love creating beautiful assets for social media and finding exciting ways to use a variety of digital platforms to bring our books to as many readers as possible.