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      Maria Rejt

      Mantle is my imprint at Pan Macmillan, where we focus on publishing high-quality writing and brilliant storytelling with a broad appeal. Our remit is wide, however I always find myself drawn to books about 'the outsider' – characters on the edge of society who want to change things for the better. My authors include C. J. Sansom, Kate Morton and Kate Mosse.

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      Associate Publisher

      Sam Humphreys

      I'm Mantle's Associate Publisher. Like pretty much everyone else, I'm looking for big books with a hook, books that fall firmly into book-club territory. Nothing too commercial or too genre, but nothing too literary either. I have a soft spot for both child narrators and love stories, but generally, I like a book with heart: it has to have emotion. I also tend to like books that make me question what I would do in a given situation. Finally, as far as I'm concerned, you can't beat a good story.

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      Editorial Assistant (Non-Fiction & Mantle)

      Alice Gray